Friday, October 1, 2021

Launch Day , October 1, 2021, The Epiphanies Project

 I joined a zoom on-line writing group, The Launch Pad Inner Circle, put together by bestselling author, Anna David, early in the pandemic. Many from that group combined to write The Epiphanies Project: Twenty Personal Revelations. I am included with an essay detailing the moment I decided to go to my first AA meeting--but boy, is this a revealing book by all those who contributed.

The book can be found in Electronic and paperback form. More info? Watch the trailer 

cover by Sheila Smallwood using the art
of Catherine Just


A dream, a car crash, 9/11, a death in the family, a war, a break-up, a suicide, a visit to the doctor, a confession, a moment when things shifted and life trajectories changed—each of the storytellers in The Epiphanies Project has mined a moment of transformation to bring you a unique story of an intimate, life-changing wake-up call. Explore profound life lessons through the incisive, intelligent, soulful, and sometimes very funny lens of 20 outstanding writers who, in exposing their personal turning points, provide a mirror for our own experiences and epiphanies.

The Epiphanies Project features:

Peter Avildsen
Natalie Marie Brobin
Jeanne Foot
Timothy Gager
Blaine Gray
Lisa Harris
John Ferreira
Amy Liz Harrison
Chris Joseph
Jeff Kober
Barbara Legere
Heidi Le
Heather Levin
Sara ONeil
Samantha Perkins
Korey Pollard
Erin Ranta
Beth Robinson
Suelen Romani
Susan Zinn

And a foreword by New York Times bestselling author Anna David!

“The Epiphanies Project is a stunning collection of deeply moving and inspiring personal stories. It reflects the hard work of living through, working through, and beautifully relating some of the toughest struggles life has to offer. If you are seeking hope and strength, it's in these pages."

—Lisa Smith, award-winning author of Girl Walks Out of a Bar 

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