Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Two Poems published 1) Dead Mule School of Southern Literature and 2) Bagel Bards #14

      The poem, Living With Rabbits, appears on page 19, of my bestselling book 2020 Poems. It also appears in this month's Dead Mule School of Southern Literature. I've been in Dead Mule a few times, but they now have a really modern and stiffy website with photographs accompanying each piece of fiction or poetry. You should really check it out, the website is absolutely gorgeous. 

To the right is the picture they used for my poem: 

    That's kind of a cool rabbit, but far less superior to mine, as I do live with rabbits and talk them during the pandemic.  Look there is one of them! Bertie surviving the pandemic!

      The story behind the poem is that apparently if you are a woman you can feel safe staying as the guest of a guy who owns rabbits, as they probably are not interested in women anyway...so it's going to be safe. Right? Not everyone is so, please be safe whether men own rabbits or not.

     My second publication is in the Bagels with the Bards Anthology #14, put out by the group the Bagel Bards, who the late Sam Cornish said

     "The Bagel Bards (or Bagels with the Bards) (are) a group of poets varied in age, race, gender meet, share poems, discuss poetry, drink lots of coffee, chew a bagel if so desired, sometimes sell their books. The atmosphere is generous and open to all, and you don’t have to be a poet to attend. What I find most exciting about the Bards, people here are not conscious of reputation and achievement, but love the poem and good friendly unpretentious talk."

     They have also put out 14 anthologies, and to be an official Bagel Bard you only have to go to one meeting of the group---and now, Zoom counts! The group was started by well-know poets Doug Holder and Harris Gardner as a way to start a poetry community in the Somerville, Massachusetts area.  The book is lovely as well, and this round was edited by David Miller. Steve Glines, as always, contributed the design, both inside and out. 

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