Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Prominent Father - Oddball Magazine's pick today.

Photograph by Allison Goldin

 "I knew he knew, so finally I confessed to a whole lot of nothing, which is what tends to happen when I spend too much time with my father."
--from the story, The Prominent Father

Very pleased that my story, The Prominent Father,  was dug by Oddball's Chad Parenteau and Jason Wright. I really dug the accompanying photograph by Allison Goldin.

The title is a bit ironic, compared to the leading definition.
 Prominent=leading, important, or well-known.

It metaphorically defines a daughter's closeness-avoidance relationship with her father, a relationship which felt like a job, in fact, it was a job. 

Can anyone relate? Please comment on it because I won't follow the usual suggestion of "don't read the comments".
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