Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Breakwater Review was keen on "Touching All the Bases"

My story, "Touching All The Bases" isn't about baseball or softball. Of course there are some ideal elements from those subjects, but it's also about keeping life in order, laundry, sobriety, relapse and why relationships rekindle. I'm pleased The Breakwater Review, journal from UMASS Boston, MFA Program accepted the work in their Winter Issue along with the great line-up below. Thanks to the editors, Andrea Gregory and Danya Bush.

The story behind the story was I wrote the piece after I saw the picture to the right. It's funny how pictures and real life end up as prompts. A lot of "Touching All The Bases"  touches various bases in my life, ones I could probably write pages and pages on each distinct example within this small little piece. Got any questions? Ask me.

Issue XII, Breakwater Review

bw issue 12 cover


Little Things by Sean Ennis
How the Chocoholic Beat the Dish Soap Swami by John Gorman
My Brother, Muhammad by Darragh Savage
Touching All the Bases by Timothy Gager
Dear Warren Buffet by Kim Jensen


Interview with Elizabeth Graver 


Song of the Anti-Sisyphus & Elegy for My Sadness by Chen Chen
Quotidian,  The Historians of Redundant Moments, & Noonday Dreams by Nandini Dhar
The Xanax Debate Martial Arts, & Thoreau in Russia by Olga Livshin
Code NamesRocket Man Had It Coming, & Stoning the Drone by Jill McDonough
Lost at the Ashram by Laryssa Wirstuik
Postcard to my future loverBearing the Juice of it All, & A Sentinel to the Nuances of Her by Nancy Woo

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