Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Meanwhile...back to poetry, I'm grateful that Cape Cod Poetry Review published three BONUS: Read Teisha Twomey's essay in The Fix

In June of 2013, I featured at Poet's Corner in South Yarmouth, hosted by Barry Hellman and the late Joe Gouveia. Joe was a stand-up poet and wonderful guy. I hardly knew him, but he met me for dinner, for lobster and fine conversation about poetry, life, recovery and the love of his life, his wife. Sadly, Joe lost is battle with cancer a year later.

At that gig, I met John Bonnani, the editor of The Cape Cod Poetry Review. I asked him about his journal and submitted.

A year and a half later, my poems,

"No Home Like Place" 

"There's Sunshine When You Need It"  showed up in my mailbox, along with some other fine poets.

Here's what they say about this issue on their webpage:

Cape Cod Poetry Review Volume II features cover art from Suzanne M. Packer 
and new work from Marge Piercy, 
Kathleen Spivack, 
Jane Wong, 
Hannah Oberman-Breindel, 
Maria Nazos, 
Alice Kociemba, 
Kathryn Kulpa, 
Ryan Butler, 
Chuck Madansky, 
Barry and Joe
Alana Folsom, 
Barry Hellman, 
Maggie Cleveland, 
Katy Sternberger,
 Lorna Knowles Blake, 
Deirdre Callanan, 
Rosanne Shapiro, 
Elaine Cohen, 
B.T. Lamm, 
Janet Gardner, 
Rachel Baird, 
Robin Chapman, 
Timothy Gager, 
Brian Folan, 
and Jason Curzake.

Copies are available for $12.00 via postal mail (email us at and through the following local bookstores:
Market Street Books in Mashpee, MA
Brewster Bookstore in Brewster, MA
Yellow Umbrella Books in Chatham, MA
Titcombs Bookshop in Sandwich, MA
Symposium Books in Providence, RI


Speaking of recovery, here's something by Teisha Dawn Twomey about surrendering, from The Fix!
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