Monday, June 23, 2014

Ibbetson 35 is out, with the late Ed Galing on the cover

Doug Holder and Harris Gardner have done it again. Honored to have my poem, "About Making Love" in this print issue.

About Making Love                
 by Timothy Gager

Something released, birds
flew homeward, better than
pigeons homing, better than
cages, we talked about
vexing inward, in land
there is dark
lit tunnels, shadowy, deep,
we talked about
making love, comfort,
and about birds.

Also in this issue, Michael Collier, Marge Piercy, Brendan Galvin, Ted Kooser, Daniel Tobin, Laura Cherry, Lawrence Kessenich, Irene Koronas, Kathleen Spivack, Ralph Pennel, Teisha Dawn Twomey, Richard Hoffman and many more friends and poets I'm proud to be associated with

To order it go to the publisher's on-line bookstore

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