Friday, March 28, 2014

Pure Slush publishes "Systematic Knowledge" under the theme of "travel"-also, what is my favorite colors?

Systematic Knowledge is a story which actually is an excerpt out of The Thursday Appointments of Bill Sloan. It's nice that it stood on it's own and it's nicer that Matt Potter included it in the TRAVEL THEMED ISSUE of Pure Slush. 

Also Matt asks the writers questions about their favorite colors. It's an interesting interview. Read it HERE ON THEIR SITE.

Systematic Knowledge is the second flash excerpt to be published. In May 2011, Red Fez published Bipolar. To read it click this link .

Other fiction in this issue of Pure Slush are as follows:

Derailed  by  Lois Patton  (n/f)
Chance or Fate  by  Gloria Garfunkel  (n/f) 
Jimbo  by  Paul Beckman 

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