Thursday, December 26, 2013

Year in Review: My year in publishing, 2013

Thanks to all the readers and editors. It's been a blessed year.

Here's the complete list followed by the links

1    Full length poetry book
1    Poetry chapbook
18  Works of fiction and flash fiction
1    Co-written work of flash fiction
13   Poems
1     Non-fiction piece

(For the complete list since the beginning of time go HERE from this link)


The Shutting Door, September 2013, Ibbetson Street Press

Anti-Social Network, May 2013, Red Neck Press


"A Modern Form of Disorderly Conduct"
December 28, 2013 Right Hand Pointing

"How It Worked for Them"
December 1, 2013 In Between Altered States

"Tours of Duty"
October 15, 2013 Midway Journal

"How Penguins Break" 
October 13, 2013 Uno Kudo 

"NFL Preview, New England Patriots"
September 6, 2013 American Short Fiction

"Where (in the) House", July 22, 2013 Santa Fe Literary Review, Print

"Sissy Spacek", July 12, 2013 Bartleby and Snopes, Issue 10, Print

"Joe the Salamander"
June 24, 2013 Go Read Your Lunch

"Sissy Spacek"
April 9, 2013 Bartleby Snopes

"After Receiving a Picture of Dick Butkus via Text Message"
(written with Teisha Twomey), March 14, 2013 Metazen

"Twin Gets Just Desserts", March 4, 2013 In Between Altered States #33

"Leftovers at the Lays Factory", March 3, 2013 Wigleaf
"Dear Wigleaf"

"Where Do You Bury The Survivors", February 28, 2013 The Legendary
"Full Moon"
"About Shooting"

"Their Own Planet", January 30, 2013 Men in the Company of Women Anthology, Print
"The Transference of Todd and Lucy"

"Happy Holidays", January 11, 2013 Exquisite Quartet, 2012 Print Anthology
(written with Meg Tuite, Dena Rash Guzman and Robin Stratton)


"Manomet Point"
November 22, 2013,Oddball Magazine

"The Shutting Door"
September 18, 2013,The Somerville Times

"While I'm Driving Home"
August 19, 2013,Ampersand Review

"What The Boy Prays For"
August 12, 2013,Ampersand Review

"The Photo Album"
June 1, 2013, Ibbetson 33

"Definition of You"
May, 2013, The Brownstone Poets 2013 Anthology

"The Last Time in the Woods"
May 1, 2013,Poetica

"Meeting With Father Vincent"
April 9, 2013,Extract(s)

"Fresh Water"
April 1, 2013, Stone Soup Presents, Fresh Broth

"Scientific Purposes"
March 16, 2013,Boston Literary Magazine

"Losing My Best Friend to Heroin"
"I Have Mostly Nightmares"
January 30, 2013 Men in the Company of Women Anthology, Print


September 18, 2013, The Somerville Times: Lyrical Somerville
"A Seven Year Old Takes a Drink"


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