Thursday, February 28, 2013

The New Legendary out today with three of my flash!

I have quite a legendary history up at The Legendary. Since 2009 I've had five stories and four poems placed there. It's nice to know some good people, such as Katie Moore and Jim Parks, (the man nicknamed "The Legendary" by the state police of Texas, hence the name of this journal.)

This time the acceptance came from Jon Thrower, which is awesome because when editors change it is always nice that there is still room for my work

The story behind the three flash:

"Where Do They Bury The Survivors" -This one is mostly true. My late buddy, Paul Felopolous actually did save some people, when a cruise ship sank which he never told me about. The rest was me going off to the races.

"Full Moon"- It's a haunting moon and when you accept it, it's all about gratitude. This is a piece about sobriety, though it is masked a bit.

"About Shooting"- Is one of the grittiest pieces I've ever written. It may fit in handsomely in the series which I ask that question .  This one needs no hints but it involves pornographic films, drugs and dead ends. If this ever got filmed, it would be in the genre of noir.

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