Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Editing (more like cutting and pasting): The grittiest piece I've ever written on NG. Here's the schedule.

Over at New Graffiti, where I roll as a blogger and editor,  I've hand picked writers to submit the grittiest piece they've ever written.

 Many have come back with the question, "What do you mean?"

My response to them: "Hard hitting. Something so raw that you're uncomfortable or would be uncomfortable reading it aloud in front of a small group of friends or (gasp) family members."

So far the publication date line-up, which takes me up to November 2013.

1/7      Meg Tuite
1/21    Rusty Barnes
2/4      Teisha Twomey
2/18    Lavinia Ludlow
3/4      Jon Konrath
3/18    Howie Good
4/1      John Sheppard
4/15    Matthew Salesses
4/29    Jen Michalski
5/6      Len Kuntz
5/20    Robert Vaughn
6/3      Wendy Ellis
6/17    Barry Graham
7/1      Sarah Sweeney
7/15    Susan Tepper
7/29    Nathaniel Tower
8/12     xTx
8/26    Jenna Humphrey
9/9      Aleathia Drehmer   
9/23    Jackie Corley
10/7    Matt Potter
10/21  Steve Glines
11/4    Brian Sousa
11/18  CD Collins
12/2    Kristen Tsetsi
12/16  Matt Potter

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