Sunday, July 15, 2012

Three flashes (one with audio) "Girl With A Gun", "What you Dream About" and "Continuum" published at Connotation Press

Ahhh, girls with guns

A few months ago, I wash speaking to a bad-ass female friend of mine who had been to a firing range. I thought that was really cool. Two other cool female friends had previously done so this year as part of a bucket list so my mind raced and concluded, that girls who fire guns are really awesome. So I wrote, "Girl With A Gun" taking a fictitious jump into the question, "What would it take for one of them to actual fire it in a real life situation?"

So the fine folks at Connotation Press (Meg Tuite and Ken Robidoux)  liked the story and published "Girl With A Gun", along with two others:  "What You Dream About" (in this case it's an induced dream) and the micro story "Continuum".   The stories scroll through like a PDF, so if you hit NEXT at the bottom you'll miss the last two.

The audio of their site may have disappeared, but here is where I pulled the mp3 off of---and watch out for nose hairs!

For the rest of the issue's fiction:

DJ Berndt blasts us with four of his DJ Berndt, Dj Berndt... micro-flash, “The Ocean,” “Accepting Seconds,” “Lenscrafters is the Most Magical Place on Earth,” and “Shitting and Eating and Fucking.” Not possible to forget these. And I hope you enjoy his interview as much as I did.
Kamala Puligandla throws out an interesting dilemma in her exceptional story, “Bunchlow.” What do you do when you are offered a gift by the bastard that wronged you?
Timothy Gager delivers three distinct and memorable pieces, “Girl With a Gun,” “What You Dream About,” and “Continuum.”
Harley May takes us back to the moments when love was wild, all-encompassing and new in her two flashback flash pieces, “Saturday Morning,” and  “A Contender Lost.”
Dennis Mahagin drowns us in his mesmerizing prose in “Serious as a Hot Flash in an Iowa City Minute.” The dialogue is Vonnegut on acid. DAMN!
Lisa Marie Basile uncoils her melodious prose poems, “With Marosa,” “My Rooftop Father,” and “The Spindle.”

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