Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The well known Thunder Sandwich is back! Do you love the Thunder?

Thunder Sandwich offers non-stop thunderous writing.

Jim Chandler  is the editor and publisher of Thunder Sandwichan online magazine that features the works of select writers of prose and poetry. He has been doing this since 1983. 

He says,"Following a hiatus of several years, Thunder Sandwich  is back with plans to capture the following we had in the past by presenting the same high-quality content". 

The content is amazing. Along with two of my poems, "What is Missing" and "your luscious lips" there is fine work by a list way too long to type out but you can click HERE to find out. Some folks I am familiar with in this issue:  Rusty Barnes (Fried Chicken and Coffee)  Al Winans, Ronald Baatz, Luis Cuauhtemoc BerriozabalHarry CalhounAlan CatlinGlenn Cooper, Lyn Lifshin, William Doreski, RC Edrington, Aleathia Drehmer (In Between Altered States)Marlene LennonRj Looney, Helen Losse (Dead Mule School of Southern Literature), Carter Monroe, Cheryl Townsend, Mark Hartenbach, Frank Reardon and Jack T. Marlowe. Fiction by DB Cox, Kristen Fouquet and Anita Garner.

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