Monday, April 9, 2012

It's a small world (after all)--Paragraph Line publishes "Their Own Planet".

The idea behind "Their Own Planet" had to do with love, taking two people out of their heads and out of the day to day thoughts of the world. Love's launch being so powerful puts you it is an entirely different place--smaller, intimate, more focused---like being another planet completely. Unfortunately, the world being what it is, sends you back, to the place where you are just a spec and must exist with everyone else. Perhaps, it's better that way. I remember someone telling me how the "It's a Small World" ride once broke when they were on it and everyone was stuck inside for hours, forced to hear the music tape loop. They ended up trudging out, ankle deep in the ride's water.

 Paragraph Line was a good fit for "Their Own Planet" as Jon Konrath, the proprietor  notes on the journal's page: "Paragraph Line is a literary journal of absurdist and outsider fiction, regularly published by Paragraph Line Books. Great emphasis is placed on not publishing "the usual". We publish regularly online, and publish a "best of" print (and ebook) anthology regularly. We're privately funded, and not affiliated with any school or writing program, which means we're not following the same old stodgy formula as traditional journals." 

PL also has featured Rusty Barnes and John Sheppard, two of my favorite writes. Thanks  Jon for accepting my work. 

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