Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Multiplicity published on Midway Journal today/

Multiplicity is my first piece of flash that has been published since June. For me, that is a long dry spell but things have happened, such as novel writing through April-early July. I did not submit much of anything during that time, unless by request and as they say, "nothing leads to nothing".

Ralph Pennel

Sometimes things fall into place, as I'll tell you about this piece and how it ended up in the hands of the editor. Every Saturday in Somerville, a group of poets nicknamed The Bagel Bards meet, talk writing, and drink lots of coffee. It's a great social/poetry group where everyone is invited. One Saturday in June, Ralph Pennel dropped by to promote The Midway Journal and tell folks that they are open for submissions. Here it is November and Multiplicity is now up and ready to be read. It  features works by Ray Gonzalez,  Elizabeth Aoki, Drew Jennings, Richard Lovejoy, Sarah Katherine McCann, Lucas Pingle, and Phillip Sterling.

This week is big for me. My son is in his High School production of Hairspray , I host my monthly Dire Literary Series, I'm having a birthday and perhaps the most unbelievable event: my one year anniversary of my last drink. At first I worried how my sobriety would effect my writing narrative, plot, or even in my darkest of thoughts, effect my willingness  to write at all?

Multiplicity was one of my earliest flash pieces in my sobriety and I found it interesting how all of the above came together. Keep checking back...the dry spell is over.

P.S.-The kids really own and love rabbits

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