Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Two stories live in new Blue Lake Review

Here's where I usually give the link of the journal with the link of the story. Today I won't do that. Yes, The Blue Lake Review was started by my old friends Mitch Waldman and Diana May-Waldman and they asked be to submit some work, of which, they published two. That's the nuts and bolts of this post. Below is the bonus narrative which I never do. Enjoy.

We Measure All This Distance in Longing was written last December. My head was in a different place and now the real life backstory is different. If I used the same characters now, on October 2010, it wouldn't be about anticipation or excitement, it would be a sad story, basically and totally the opposite. For me, that really sucks a dick. The story? It's kind of good.

The idea for A Dedicated Customer came from bank lines. I've worked at a bank and I saw what went on. I knew the customers were all about picking and choosing the tellers they wanted and boy did they want.
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