Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Poem on Curbside Splendor and how it got there.

 Once upon a time, R.A. Miller started Arriviste Press which published Will Leitch's, Life As a Loser. After I set up a reading with Will, Mr. Miller  enjoyed attending the Dire Literary Series so much that Arriviste became a sponsor. (They made a sign that hung behind the readers and bought beer). As what happens to many of the small press independent publishers, Arriviste folded four years later.

Years later, a friend of R.A. Miller's, David Victor Giron asked him his advice in starting a press of his own. R.A. told him not to do it. David started Curbside Splendor anyway and being true to his friend, Mr. Miller asked me to submit something and a poem called Like the Moths in the Light was accepted and published by Mr. Giron.

David Victor Giron will appear at Dire Literary Series to promote is own book in November.
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