Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Scrawl: The blog

I’ve been a member of SCRAWL: The Writer’s Asylum for six years. During that time I have completed six full length books or chap books and I credit SCRAWL for some of that output. Work-shopping at SCRAWL has taught me much, made me a better writer. There are many talented poets and writers within SCRAWL,  and these folks are tremendous writers.

Scrawl: the blog
will give links, interviews, essays, poems and stories, and basically anything that has to do with the written form. From time to time you’ll meet exciting and relevant guest bloggers. This space will also serve as a “real time” Story Garden, the literary magazine that SCRAWL publishes at irregular intervals.

Our goal is to promote SCRAWL, our writing home, to potential new members who will join us (if they are serious about writing, and all that’s entailed in this critiquing workshop) and to share the talent of our private area of the web, to put it out into the mainstream for everyone to enjoy. I’m confident that they will.

Our current staff is Rusty Barnes, Ken Clark, Brad Green, Richard Lee, Kathleen McCall, Sue Miller, Tori Munn, Mary Corinne Powers and Elizabeth Rawlins. This group is an All-Star team and if you read their bios and their work, you’ll understand where I’m coming from.

Here’s some information about SCRAWL from one of our public pages.
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