Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Air in the Paragraph Line, 13

Coming Soon:
Life, As It Turned Out, Was Not a Free Ride/ John Sheppard

Zeigarnik/ Ben Mack

Of Crackheads and Convenience Stores/ Rebel Star Hobson

Banjo Alien Zen/ Todd Taylor

Welcome Aboard Monstrosity, Jack/ Hassan Riaz

Big Tit Cum Suckers/ Robert W. Howington

The Curious Mermaid/ Jillian Olenik

Joe the Salamander/ Timothy Gager

Killing Time on Planet Earth/ Aaron Carnes

The Decline & Fall Of The Roman Empire/ Keith Buckley

Faberge Eggs and Four Wheelers/ Daniel Trask

Burial Ground/ Jon Konrath

Oh You Lucky Man/ John Sheppard

The Tao of Dolton/ Nathan Graziano

I Wish I Knew How to Quit You/ Fiona Helmsley

Ruby, Ruby/ Daniel Crocker

Bad Luck Bunny/ Keith Buckley

Larry Walker Me/ Joshua Citrak

My Friend the Jihadist/ Jon Konrath

Cover Art - Kurt Eisenlohr

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