Friday, July 2, 2021

Three Flash Fictions published in Punk Noir Magazine

 How do I fit into this? Here's their description. I fit most under "punk." looking at the world in its most askew. Thanks to Editors BF Jones and Stephen J. Golds

Punk Noir Magazine  is purportedly an online arts and entertainment magazine that looks at the world at its most askew, casting a bloodshot eye over films, music, television and more. There are interviews, reviews, news, poetry, fiction, micro fiction, and flash fiction.  And some other stuff too, I’m sure. Indeed, a veritable cornucopia of carryings on.

Both punk and noir are words that have been so overused and misused that they pretty much mean nothing now. They’re random adjectives that are regularly added in a scattershot way, so combining them allows a lot of scope for the site. No sense? Nonsense!

 Anyway, I love their sensibility, and love that they picked three of my flash fictions. It's nice to get some new flash out in the world, the first of 2021, and first since October 2020. 

Here's the story behind the stories. Iope you have fun reading these---they go from heavy to real, and then ridiculous (but is it really that much so?).

1) Disremembering 

Is about how times go when you either forget or decide to not take needed medication 

2) How You Met Your Husband

This story is actually about how a friend of mine met her husband. This though is fiction, but I won't tell anyone what's real or not. 

3) Poke

Poke is a fun one about someone who missing the old Facebook "poke" and would like to bring it back as a dating app. 

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