Monday, July 19, 2021

I'm in Surviving Suicide Anthology, (it may save a life) but better yet, I've included the toll free Suicide Prevention Hotline Number

 SOS, Surviving Suicide: a collection of poems which may save a life, was released by Dean Stalham (Nirala publication,New Delhi )   It is a collection which includes my poem Deathiversary, A Year and a Day Later, and all of the people you can see beneath the book cover. Yuyu Sharma, my friend from Nepal was kind enough to ask me to contribute. 

 This is all pretty great, and maybe it will save a life---as many of us have been touched by a suicide or have considered it ourselves. 

Let me tell you though, that's a powerful ass poem if it'll cure depression and get someone off the ledge. I'd like to recommend counseling and a psychiatrist for mental health needs, and also to know this number, which is the Suicide Prevention Hotline :



 Foreword Carlotta Allum / 9 

RAVI SHANKAR The Great Sun / 17 

dPART Rope / 20 BANU ERCON That Day / 

21 DANIELLE BUTTERS I nearly said goodbye / 23 CHRISTOPHER SOUTHGATE Sestina / 25

 ROY BARKER I have a choice / 27

 BENJAMIN ZEPHANIAH You can hold your head high / 28

 The Angry Black Poet / 29

 TIM TOMLINSON Multiple Attempts on Dark Hollow Road, Friday Nights in Winter / 31

 Last Words / 32

 Godless / 33

 KAREN LITTLE Along the river / 34 

SADIE MASKERY No one can tell you / 35 

ANON Suicide Roulette / 37 

WENDY YOUNG Don’t judge/38 

MIKE GRAVES Stairway / 42 

SOPHIE CAMERON I love you always / 43 

ALBY STOCKLEY Grenade / 45 

KAREN CORINNE HERCEG Down from the Ledge / 48 


MEGAN GARRETT-JONES Aladdin Trousers / 51 

MAT LLOYD Blokes 2020 / 54 

CAROL LYNN STEVENSON GRELLAS A Daughter’s Project / Getting over a Suicide / 58 To the Year of Unknowing / 59 

CARRIE MAGNESS RADNA People with Sad Eyes / 61 Family Sorrows / 63 

MARTIN HEAD What Could I Have Done? / 66 

JASON WISTERIA ‘A catch from above’ / 68 

JEREMY REED Dead Number, for Matthew Lewis / 71 Do Ya / 72 

ANNE CASEY She understood/ 73 

AGNES MARTON Time to Destination: Unknown / 76 

SUZANNE FRENCH There’s always another day / 77 

PAT LEACOCK AKA PDLpoet Strength in Numbness / 78 

MADELEINE F. WHITE One for Sorrow… / 80 

HENRY MADD Extraordinary Creatures / 82 

PATRICK LYONS Mirrors of the Dead / 85 


DAVID NO ONE Wounded / 88 

SAM RAPP I Survived / 89 


 GIL DE RAY Erasing Awareness / 92 

SIMON MILES On Chelsea Bridge / 97 

DAVID ERDOS Let’s play these words as Ace / 98

 DAVE MANKIND Let’s All Hang Together / 101 

GILL FEWINS The Day After I Kill Myself / 103 

KIRSTY ALISON Install the Update / 105 

JUDITH MOK The Whetter of the Knife/ 108 

DAVID AXELROD Nothing Monumental/ 109 

BILL WOLAK Lost in Darkness/ 110 

JAMES RAGAN To a Mother and Child at the LA Mis- sion Shelter / 112 

CATHERINE ALICE WOODS Rocket Ships and Fireworks / 113 

FERN ANGEL BEATTIE Mining Rubies / 114 A

MAR AAKASH Messiah Puppy / 115 

TIM KAHL The Fermata / 117 

GERARD BEIRNE Ways of Survival / 118

 TIMOTHY GAGER Deathiversary: Years and A Day Late/119 


YOGESH PATEL Hofstadter’s Strange Loop / 122 

ANNA HALBERSTADT A Warm Weekend In May / 123 

MEGHA SOOD The Note / 125 

PATRICIA CARRAGON Just Say I Love Him / 127 

DARIUSZ TOMASZ LEBIODA The Last Letter Of Romek Jaskier / 128 

AMANDA GOVAN Life Drawing / 129 

JOHN PRASTITIS Light Pours Out / 131 

LUKE SULLIVAN I Stand on the Quay / 132 

YUYUTSU SHARMA You see it coming, Lincoln Centre / 134 

CARLOTTA ALLUM We Watched Her / 136 

DEAN STALHAM Daddy Duties/ 138 

The Poets Of SOS Surviving Suicide / 145 

Acknowledgments / 153

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Bar L. said...

Looking forward to reading your poem. I'll get the book when I feel up to it. Keven's one year is 8/11 and I'm experiencing intense sadness each day as it gets closer.