Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Friends in Oddball places. Titular poem from the soon to be released new collection, "Chief Jay Strongbow is Real" published PLUS the exciting new blog feature called FACT time

Before you read the poem, "Chief Jay Strongbow Is Real"  the preface may explain the point of view behind this poem and others in the collection due in a few weeks. That would be the story behind the story.

So now you have my permission, but not the government's permission to read the poem

 My friends at Oddball had me on their podcast three months ago Much gratitude toward Chad Parenteau and Jason Wright (pictured with Tony Bee)for what they believe in and for publishing me.

"Chief Jay Strongbow is Real" is accompanied by great photo by Glenn Bowie too


Standing Rock Wrestler Delaney Lester is REAL--I hope someone remembers that fact.

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