Saturday, March 30, 2024

Music - That was then, this is THIS FRIDAY (now)

So, I'm playing music again. The main reason is because of the brilliance and musical talent of Lisa Haley. I don't think she realizes she's a genius---most geniuses don't, but it's more of a life saving experience. It's nice to be able to play songs again, and it's fun. That's what it's about for me now...not "making it" but having fun. Mr. Chan's Chinese Restaurant isn't CBGB's, The Ritz, The Rat, The Carpenter Fieldhouse, or even The Deer Park. Repeat. It's a Chinese Restaurant in the suburbs. We're not sharing the bill with Talk Talk, Our Daughter's Wedding, Tommy Conwell, The Hooters, The Ventures or The Psychedelic Furs, but it's in front of people, and it feels pretty good. 

Recently I was at a show at the Sinclair, I was thinking about how I had actually played in clubs like that, opening for bands that were well known and known club worthy---concluding who I was playing was pretty good.
I was pretty lucky too, but I never realized how grateful I should have been. I was too busy with a chip on my shoulder. I was a kid. I also had a lot of addictive issues, which probably caused things to end (that and drummers are hard to find). 

So Friday I get to play. I get to play with a genius, and we get to sing a lot of harmonies. I get to play a few songs by myself as well. I show up at a few open mics without Lisa, but this is a lot more songs than that. 

Somewhere in the 90's-Walking Erect

Somewhere in the 80's, The Wake, The Maytags, The Zippers

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