Monday, June 9, 2014

Cape Fear Review publishes "Iron Mike Behind Bars"

In 2013, I heard an interview with Mike Tyson and his main concern was that no matter how hard we wants to be considered and viewed as a good person, it's impossible. He thanks his wife for understanding him and looking past all that-and also for accepting him as a common man, no longer with a heavyweight income.

I was struck by his interview because it softened the hardened negative opinion I'd had of him. This piece of empathy and truth I gained from the interview is what I drew from when I wrote this story (which appears HERE.)

Thanks to Cape Fear Review, a new market for writers. Here's what they say, Cape Fear Review is a biannual effort, conceived, edited, and produced by Vallie Lynn Watson and Gregory Napp, whose friendship dates from some time in 2005, somewhere in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, where they studied and played at the Center for Writers.

Cape Fear Review publishes two issues per year, summer and winter, releasing two stories into the wild each week until that season’s issue is fully at large. We currently operate on a solicitation-only basis.
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