Thursday, May 29, 2014

Also in today's Bonanza, Three Flash Fictions in Fried Chicken and Coffee

Mmmmm, Crown's Fried Chicken Coffee Shop (pictured)...
It's tasty, Fried Chicken and Coffee
Crown's Fried Chicken Coffee Shop Brkly, NY

You can get both there, then,
maybe, cut your long hair next door.

Wonder through town and there's an editor, named Rusty. If editing is his fried chicken and writing is his coffee, then I reckon you should buy a cup of his novel, Reckoning.

Back to this make believe town where there are people struggling in their sandbox (Best Fiends), a gym teacher who takes his date to the strip club (Pole) and a daughter who is made to feel so small, she fits into her mother's apron pouch (The Beauty on the Inside)

So, park your truck and your cup right here to read them all. 

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