Friday, March 7, 2014

Teisha Twomey and I published a flash piece which answers many questions...

about Zombies!!

 Reading the flash and taking the quiz is a lot shorter than watching "Night of the Living Dead".

So read, "Clarence's First" and take the quiz

1. What does someone like Amelia do all day?

2. What is non-fiction?

3. Technically speaking, can you kill a zombie?

4. What is zombie foreplay?

5. Do zombies have a soul?

6. How can a tutor always help a zombie with his papers?

7. A zombie's parents can blame pale skin and dead eyes on?

8. Do zombies ever have to re-write a paper?

Now put down your pencil and take our lead to be creative with a co-conspirator (us illustrated below), because zombies are into language.

Proof: Zombies and language, according to the movie, "Pontypool",  "It is in words"

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