Monday, December 30, 2013

Top Ten Viewed Posts of 2013 from this blog.

Other strange Top Ten Lists to prove that anyone can have a list..

Year end Top Ten lists are kind of silly, so without further adieu, here are the most viewed posts from  2013, in reverse order with a quick comment about why it made the list. This year's list is dominated by book releases, controversy and tragedy, and there was only one announcement of any singular story or poem being published cracked the Top Ten. Interesting, indeed.

10. my dear god, we are all so small

Reason: There's something about death which brings us back to the little things not being important

Reason: People like controversy. They like Kim Addonizio. They like me defending that a poem in first person narration does not make me a creep. 

Reason: It was my first book in three years rand it was put out by the imprint of Rusty Barnes, Redneck Press. Plus, despite the review by Denis Daley, people found the cover funny. 

Reason: People search for Dick Butkus and Teisha Twomey a lot! (plus there are nifty videos of each of them posted in the blog). 

Reason: The Shutting Door had a lot of buzz about it. It's either that or that people are stalkers.

Reason: There are a ton of poets listed within this post and people google themselves a lot. There is also a link to the number nine most popular blog posting of 2013...ah, yes, people like drama. 

Reason: People love the Wigleaf list of Top 50 Short Fictions. It's much more anticipated than my Top Ten Viewed Blog Posts of 2013/ 

Reason: I'd like to think that a lot of people were interested in ordering but truth be known, people like free shit.  

2. My wonderful acquaintance, Ned Vizzini, April 4, 1981 – December 19, 2013

Reason: People felt he was a great guy, a great writer and a good friend. This blog was written with great sadness.

And the number One most viewed blog post of 2013

1. A new kind of announcement: Old work unpublished by Squawk Back!

Reason: Writers other than myself were outraged by the possibility of being "unpublished". Did I wish this controversy to die? Sure and it did, well...until now. Sorry. 

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