Sunday, December 1, 2013

"How It Worked for Them" is published in the final In Between Altered States.

I hate to see them go. They've published eight of my flash stories since 2010. Here's the roll call.

1. You Have to Splice It Together
2 Closure
3 The Things We Have
4 I Don't Know Who You Are
5 Chiller
6 No Sex Since Last Spring
7 Twin Gets Just Desserts
8 How It Worked for Them

I love you, Aleathia Drehmer

 I must admit that they take some of my most twisted work. Let's see: Ruptured testicles, sliced off celebrity breasts, deadly car accidents, a sealed up vagina, The Who in Cincinnati, a pencil in the eyeball....check, check, check, check, check and check.

They also published one of my favorites, "No Sex Since Last Spring" in 2012 which wasn't as twisted. Today in their farewell issue my story, "How It Worked For Them" about two former addicts that work in at a home testing company appears.

It also asks the poignant question if there is there a difference between this

and this?

Makes you want to quit the corporate world, doesn't it?

Also appearing in their final issue are Robert VaughanEd Go, Carly BergJosh Olsen, John Vicary, Jesse Myner, and Len Kuntz

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