Monday, April 2, 2012

Chiller in "In Between Altered States 23"

In Between Altered States has been good to me as they've published me five times. Their Editor, Aleathia Drehmer gives us some stats and the following quote from their blog:

"My biggest and baddest repeat offenders (who rock that sh*t out!) are: Robert Vaughan-6 Len Kuntz-6 Luis Berriozabal-5 Tim Gager-5 Shawn Misener-4 Ed Go-4 Cheryl Gardner-4 Kevin Ridgeway-4 Kristin Fouquet-3 Tim Murry-3 Jeffrey Miller-3 Josh Olsen-3 Melanie Browne-3 David Haase-3 Michael D. Goscinski-3 Maude Larke-3 Thanks everyone for all the support and keep 'em coming."

The story behind Chiller? I used to watch Chiller Theater on WPIX, Channel 11 in New York on Saturday mornings.

When I wrote the micro- fiction, Chiller, which appears in today's In Between Altered States, I was looking to combine the feel of some of those cheesy films,  with the feel (dark one-liners included)  of today's horror movies.

It's great to appear once more within In Between Altered States along with the following:

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