Monday, August 16, 2010

Drunk Poem Series from Scrawl--Mine and others

Over at Scrawl we talked about "what we did when we are drunk" in our bulletin board forum. Some funny and reflective things were said.

Mark Martin

"Sometimes I ride my bicycle. That's one of the funnest things ever. It's like flying."

Ken Clark

"I think my mother speaks to me sometimes."

Richard Lee

"I pretend I have an Irish accent, and it's totally awesome."

Tori Munn

"Judging by the way I'm typing, I'd say that the thing I do most while drunk is typo (but I love the backspace/delete key). Silly me. I have boob photos too, somewhere... but I don't think I'm there just yet."

GiGi Dane

"I think I've been drunk less than 100 times and 80% of those times were between the ages of 20-24. Admitting what I did when drunk then would make me blush -- but while what I did was most likely stupid/dangerous/illegal, I sure had fun. Now if I get drunk I have to force myself to fold middle pair behind a big raise."

Terry Atkison

"I don't actually drink. I just volunteer to be the DD so I can be entertained by those who do drink."

This led to some poems which are being featured at Superpants: The Scrawl Blog. Here's mine below:

When I'm Drunk I Think About Phoenix

The time I just drove there
with an American Express
in my pocket but no coin
for a pay phone I found
by accident, a sunny bar
with green velour drapes frosted
with dust, must be dumb luck
Ma Bell’s out of order

when I flushed the change lever
the coins poured out like this story:
just me and the bartender; lonely,
she laughed

when I paid for two Budweisers
with dimes, smiled, said,
a few more pulls and tugs here
I’d never want to leave

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