Sunday, July 4, 2010

New WHLR Summer Issue up and ready for reading


Leonarda Boughton is a local Boston artist involved in many different
facets of art, from painting to design and education. She studied at the
School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and Boston University. She
began developing her artwork in Mexico where she lived for 7 years. Now
back in the US, she continues to exhibit and teach- both nationally and



Our fiction editor loves Anton Chekhov and despairs the notion that there are no latter day Chekhovs submitting works for his consideration. This is not to say that the work he receives isn’t excellent … it’s just not Chekhov. To that end WHLReview announces a new prize for fiction to be called “the Chekhov Prize.” A google search reveals several other Chekhov prizes with cash. Alas we’re not offering cash. We will look for a bearded bobble-head doll. In the mean time we have T-shirts with the Chekhov Prize logo available. Just click on Chekhov's head.
Our fiction editor Timothy Gager has a new book out: Treating a Sick Animal. A sample from this book can be found here. Our editor & publisher, not wanting to be out done, has a new chapbook too: Opuscula.
We are going to test a new section. It may be transitory or it may become a permanent part of WHLR. You decide:

fragments of novels looking for homes (publishers)

John Hanson Mitchell continues his saga in The Bear, Chapter 4.
For your reading pleasure we offer an outstanding collection of short stories:


Our poetry editor, not wanting to be outdone by our fiction editor is pleased to announce the Gertrude Stein "rose" prize for creativity in poetry. Anyone published in Volume 3 (and beyond) is eligible. We don't have any idea what the prize will consist of - a t-shirt for sure. Perhaps we can find a Plaster of Paris bust of Julius Caesar, put a rose in its mouth and decorate it to look like Gertrude Stein. In the mean time we have T-shirts with the our rose prize logo available. Just click on Gerturde's head.
Our poetry editor, Irene Koronas, also has a new book out: Pentakomo Cyprus

We start with an Epic Poem:
Geoffrey Craig - The Brave Maiden
We have a remarkable lineup of poets, enjoy:
Bridget Galway
Carolyn Gregory
Changming Yuan
Chuck Taylor
Daniel Hudon
David Barnes
G. David Schwartz
George Held
Helen Peterson
James Piatt
Jared Smith
John Buckley
Joseph Cunningham
Kathy Horniak
Lara Dolphin
Lynn Lifshin
Michael Jerry Tupa
Mike Amado
Ricardo O. Fitten
Sabrina Stoessinger
Sally Allen McNall
Sunil P. Narayan
Zvi A. Sesling


LOVE-ZERO by A.D. Winans
(Cross- Cultural Communications Merrick, NY 2010 $10. 2010.
CAPTiViTY By Deborah Noyes
(US $25.95 / CAN $29.95) (Unbridled Books) Published 2010

Fourth World by DM Gordon
Adastra Press, MMX $16.00, ISBN 978-0-9822495-4-3
Falling Off The Bicycle Forever” poems by Michael Rattee
Adastra Press
NAME THE GLORY by Molly Mattfield Bennett
Wilderness House Press
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