Friday, March 5, 2010

Last Night's Webcast

Here's the replay of last night's show where Jon Konrath, Ben Mack, Fiona Helmsley, Aaron Carnes and I discuss...

1. Air in the Paragraph Line 13   

2. Why Fiona Helmsley has her name.
3. When the Kindle is good to electrocute yourself?
4. Why have porn on the kindle when you can already see it on your watch?
5. The official way Amazon ratings are like NFL quarterback ratings and how to spend all your money to get your book rated #12 for five minutes.
6. Marketing of books and how setting up flame wars on-line can sell them.
7. When you might say, "Don't do me any favors by buying my book."
8. SST Records and how getting Henry Rollins to submit to AITPL series would increase sales.
9. The official listener count being 17 and if they all buy the book none of the money will go to charity.
10. Insights to our stories included in Air in the Paragraph Line.
11. Why Super Salad doesn't suck.
12. Are Pushcart nominations sad?
14. Jon Konrath's "My Friend the Jihadist" is based on a real life terrorist that Jon had been in contact with over reviews of the band Slayer. The FBI contacted Jon about him.
15. John Sheppard's dad building a house with no right angles.
16. Pete Townsend's research and how it may be used for a theme for the next Air in the Paragraph Line and about other themed issues.
17. Frequent rude interruptions to actually sell the book. How could they!

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