Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bowling, Fried Chicken, Coffee, Pregnancy...a new story published--and this post sets a record for links.

Rusty Barnes is the author of Breaking It Down the Commander In Chief of Night Train Magazine and the originator of a side project, Fried Chicken and Coffee which had taken on of life of it's own and soon will be putting out poetry chapbooks. (Not your ordinary Kinkos (poor) or small press (good) but really great high quality chapbooks). Fried Chicken and Coffee describes itself as a blogazine of rural literature, Appalachian literature and off-on commentary, reviews and rants. While you're there enter the Barry Hannah Memorial Competition.

So how is this my news? Today my story Tenth Frame Spare appears from out of the mountain mist, so have a beer and go bowling but don't break any of the lane rules.

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