Thursday, April 12, 2018

Crowd Surf---Buy one of these books and make the LA event happen with Amy Dresner, Erica Garza and I

So check out Amy and Erica's memoir and if you are interested buy them with the link below. Of course, buy mine too---but this campaign will allow our reading to happen!!

To support buy ANY of the three books at their Event Brite Site 

I have a reading at The Last Bookstore in LA, when I'm out there on May 9--but there's a policy at The Last Bookstore

"We are now selling tickets for our events, as opposed to holding events that are free and unticketed. The price of the ticket is simply the cost of the book, although ticket-holders also have the option of spending an additional $3 for a guaranteed seat. Events will still be free and available for anybody to attend, but only ticket-holders will be guaranteed a book or a book & seat. We generally will not order more than a few extra copies of your book(s) than tickets sold, in order to keep costs down.
And that’s why the bookstore started this new system: to be able to continue to offer events like this one. Our overhead costs for each event are such that we need to sell 25 books at each in order to break even on the money we put in. The new model works a little like crowd-funding: we'll start promoting the event now, and if we've sold 25 tickets up to two weeks prior to the event, the event will take place. If not, it will be canceled."

So to help you can buy ANY of the three books at their Event Brite Site 

Which means you can stay home too, you darn hermits. So, Out of towners in LA a "ticket" and you can pick any book....for mailing choose the extra reserve seat option which will pay for shipping


The Last Bookstore presents three authors, in recovery, and all with remarkable stories, on how they lived. Dresner, My Fair Junkie - A Memoir of Getting Dirty and Staying Clean, and Garza, Getting Off, are well known for their memoirs, while in Gager's Every Day There is Something About Elephants, he uses his tools of recovery in the craft and subjects matter of his flash fiction writing.

My Fair Junkie A Memoir of Getting Dirty and Staying Clean - In the tradition of Blackout and Permanent Midnight, a darkly funny and revealing debut memoir of one woman's twenty-year battle with sex, drugs, and alcohol addiction, and what happens when she finally emerges on the other side.

Getting Off - A courageous account of one woman’s unflinching and ultimately hopeful journey through sex and porn addiction. A fixation on porn and orgasm, strings of failed relationships and serial hook-ups with strangers, inevitable blackouts to blunt the shame – these are not things we often hear women share publicly, and not with the candor, eloquence and introspection Erica Garza brings to Getting Off.

Every Day There is Something About Elephants - Gager's book consists of 108 flash fictions, ranging from 72 to 1,159 words. Every story has appeared previously in print or on the web. The stories show the range within the form of flash fiction, from narrative poem, shorter short story, to trips to bizarro-world where strange events evoke solid meaning and metaphor. Timothy has had over 500 total works features and these 108 are the best of the best.
Amy Dresner is a former professional stand-up comic, having appeared at The Comedy Store, The Laugh Factory, and The Improv. Since 2012, she has been a contributing editor of the online addiction and recovery magazine She’s also written for the Good Men Project, The Frisky, Refinery 29, and has been a regular contributor to and, where she has her own addiction blog entitled “Coming Clean.” My Fair Junkie is her debut book. Visit her website:

Born in Los Angeles to Mexican parents, Erica Garza has spent most of her adult life traveling and living abroad. She currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband and daughter. Erica’s essays have appeared in Salon, Narratively, BUST, Marie Claire, Good Housekeeping, Refinery29, Bustle, Alternet, Vivala, HelloGiggles, the Los Angeles Review, and Australia’s Mamamia and The Motherish. She has appeared as a guest on BBC Radio 4, Thom Hartmann’s The Big Picture, and August McLaughlin’s Girl Boner Radio. In 2010, she earned her MFA in Creative Nonfiction at Columbia University. Her memoir on sex addiction, Getting Off, is her first book.

Timothy Gager is the author of fourteen books of short fiction and poetry. Every Day There Is Something About Elephants, a book of 108 flash fictions, selected by over fifty-five editors, was released by Big Table Publishing in 2018. He's hosted the successful Dire Literary Series in Cambridge, Massachusetts since 2001 and was the co-founder of The Somerville News Writers Festival. He has had over 500 works of fiction and poetry published and of which thirteen have been nominated for the Pushcart Prize. His work has been read on National Public Radio.

please note: events that do not reach a 25 ticket minimum will be canceled


Saturday, April 7, 2018

Flash Boulevard gives a sneak peak for those interested in Elephants

George Wallace's Poetry Bay, which I've had poems appear in has a flash fiction arm, Flash Boulevard, edited by Francine Witte. When she reached out for my work, I suggested using 3 of the 108 stories from Every Day There is Something About Elephants

You can read them right HERE

The three, Every Day There is Something About Elephants, originally appeared in Smokelong Quarterly in 2011. Continuum originally appeared in Connotation Press in 2012, and Simplicity is Beautiful is here making its debut.  All appear in the book Every Day There is Something About Elephants So if you like what you see on this Boulevard, stop into a bookstore and buy a copy.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Nourish-Poetry publishes "My Name is Paul. (after Trouble Boys)" in their very first issue

According to EGW Publishing: This first issue features over 70 poems, over 50 haiku and includes poems and haiku by the following authors: Juan Felipe Herrera (U.S. Poet Laureate 2015-2017), Roald Hoffman (Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry 1981) and Naomi Shihab Nye (Chancellor of the Academy of American Poets 2010-2015). Poetry is in the air, in the dirt, in the bugs and butterflies, in your old shoes and truck, in the fabric of what it is to be human. During these politically charged times, so much of what is printed confines your thoughts like a bird in a cage, poetry liberates that bird into the sky. With our mutual love of poetry, please help us to spread the word, sow the seeds, pollinate the flowers and set the birds free.

 My poem, My Name is Paul, was included in the Nourish-poetry Issue 1 anthology. The poem, also published in the book Chief Jay Strongbow is Real , is a "found poem" based on the lyrics of Paul Westerberg,, and was written after I read  Trouble Boys by Bob Mehr. 

The poem ends:

today, there’s a four year old boy
still hiding, If someone comes seeking,
I'm here, but they can't see me.

 found here (which I believe was a tribute to the late Bob Stinson):


Sunday, April 1, 2018

Read the front page article in hometown, Dedham Transcript, this week.

     To read the article on-line go HERE

      I believe this is the first time I've been outed in Dedham, Ma. outside of the writing community. When my very first book, the electronic, The Damned Middle, was published, I was in the Wellesley Townsman. After that, it there was, thanks to Doug Holder, many appearances in the Somerville Times. Anywho--Max Bowen did a nice job on this.
      After then interview was done we spoke about the declining newspaper business, and how local papers such as the ones mentioned above, are thriving. Locally, newspapers offer what cannot be offered or reported electronically or with alert notifications. They have a certain niche which can go further than articles on Aunt Mable's bake sale (even though I love Aunt Mable and baked goods). Newspapers need advertising and low overhead. Thumbing through the Dedham Townsman, Max's name is all over it. He may be the only writer on their staff, which makes it a full-time writing job, and not an easy one at that. Thanks Max, for determining my fitness to print.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Have travel will book?

Today Grand Slams: A Coming of Eggs Story was left around T stations all over Boston. I donated the book, the Books on the T people then did their thing. A sticker is added to the cover which says:

Take me with you. Read me, and return me for someone else to enjoy. This photo was taken by one of the book fairies, who left a copy somewhere on the Red Line.

It's kind of like an Easter Egg hunt for books.

Books on the T launched in the spring of 2017 to engage the community in promoting literacy and encourage excitement about reading across the Boston metro area. By sharing new titles for adults and youth on the MBTA, Books on the T will create a traveling library that introduces books to the Greater Boston community.

Many of the titles will have connections to the Boston area: Books on the T features authors who have a connection to the Boston area, titles with topics of interest to local readers, and local settings and/or subjects.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

How to purchase "Every Day There Is Something About Elephants" or any of my books

You can buy Every Day There is Something About Elephants
using the suggestions below, but also

Chief Jay Strongbow is Real,

Grand Slams: A Coming of Eggs Story

The Thursday Appointments of Bill Sloan 

or any of my books in similar ways, as well. 

the exact same way 

1. Through me, Paypal, ( $14.99   on my website (paypal)

You make out with no shipping, I don't charge any.
Author makes out from you buying direct.
Paypal takes some of the money, unless you use the gift button.

2. Though me, Credit Card, $14.99

You make out with no shipping, I don't charge any.
Author makes out from you buying direct.
Paypal takes some of the money, because this option is through them

Contact me with your credit card numbers (sounds a little sketchy, I know. Sorry).

3. Though me, Check, $14.99

You make out with no shipping, I don't charge any.
Author 's best option.

Contact me for my mailing address.

4.  Through your favorite Indy Bookstore $14.99 + brief wait

You make out by getting the book. Ask store to order with  ISBN-13:  978-1945917363 
For other books Amazon page has the number
Author  makes out by  very small royalty.

5.  At Amazon $14.99 + shipping 
Kindle $8

You make out by getting the book.
Author  makes out by sales number increase on site and the very small royalty. Can you say a dime?'
If you buy from a outside seller listed on Amazon, author gets ZERO

6.  Though Barnes and Noble,  website $15 + shipping, store $15

You make out by getting the book.
You pay a penny more
Ask store to order by ISBN number   ISBN-13:978-1945917363
Author  makes out by sales number increase on site and the very small royalty.

7.  By coming to a reading or appearance. If you don't,  I'm sure I'll have some hanging around, if you bump into me. The trunk of my car. My closet. At work.

You make out by getting the book, saying hello, and hearing an entertaining read. I'll get to thank you. I'll even sign it..
Author  makes out by you buying direct, getting to say hello to you, and receiving all my gratitude--and no shipping cost for me.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Meet the Crockers, Sanesplaining, first of two podcasts from 2018 podcast "tour"

Hear the awesome interview / podcast from Dan and Margaret below. My segment starts at about 21:30.

Daniel and Margaret Crocker (pictured below)  host Sansplaining, where the general topics are mental health, poetry and nerd stuff. It is available to listen to today--free. They shoveled a lot of excellent questions my way.

I've known Dan for a long time. We both wrote at New Graffiti Magazine, and later, in 2009,  Dan came to Dire Literary series. On the cast, I read two flash fictions from the seconds from released, Every Day There is Something About Elephants and a few poems from Chief Jay Strongbow is Real. It was pretty fun, and laid back---loved recording it. We talk mental health, addiction and recovery, and nerd talk. Throw in a little about how bleak I thought things used to be. We also hit up Boston sports vs. Missouri sports and for good measure, Philly sports fans.

It was the second time recording a podcast this week. This week I also was a guest on Frankie Norstad's the Little Miss Addict podcast. That one will be available in a few weeks, I'll let you know.

Here are some other podcasts from my past
The Koncast 2017
Parkside Lounge Reading 2017
Interview by Doug Holder on SCTV 2017
Oddball Magazine podcast 2017
SAFTAcast with Scott Fynboe
The Unknown show with Bud Smith, 2013

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

New exclusive flash fiction no one has ever seen before, today at Oddball Magazine

Today at Oddball Magazine, Historic Men Talking By A Fire,  is a flash fiction story that won't appear in Every Day There is Something About Elephants. Thanks so much to my friends and editors there, especially Chad Parenteau who requested the original submission.

Here's the joke: Prince, Betty White and Elvis Presley are sitting by a campfire...The story features conversations about death, and that little dude from the Diet Dr. Pepper commercial, 'Lil Sweet', who ended up in the story because he annoys the f-u-c-k out of me.

Long live Betty White! c

Here's the second joke: This is the second Elvis based story I have had published recently. The reason for this is that I fucked up and the previous one was accepted by both Oddball and another journal. I hate losing track of submissions. Since Chad is a friend, I reached out and asked if I could write another one staring Elvis. This way, the art drawn for the first piece by Cesar Valtierra  could be recognized. Anyone, I liked the outcome and hope you do too.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

I'm funny how, I mean funny like I'm a clown, I amuse you? I make you laugh, I'm here to f***in' amuse you? What do you mean funny, funny how? How am I funny?

Here's an example of a great acceptance letter via Ink in Thirds, (their new issue out today):  

Hi Timothy!

Thank you for submitting to Ink In Thirds. It was a pleasure to read your work! I have never, I mean NEVER laughed-out-loud at a submission before. This, by far, is the funniest sub I have ever read as an editor, and I've been doing this for several years now. 

I am thrilled like to publish "Death Pool" in our March/April issue of Ink In Thirds and welcome you to our growing family of authors.

Back issues are available on our website. Please take a moment to read and share with others. We hope to forge lasting relationships with our writers. We will keep you updated as we confirm exact publication dates for the next issue.

We look forward to seeing your work in print!


Grace Black

So what is a death pool? 

A typical modern dead pool might have players pick out celebrities who they think will die within the year. Most games start on January 1 and run for 12 months, although there are some variations on game length, betting and timing.

There are websites that rank odds of death too. I was inspired to write this after Tom Petty died. (33 pts. or dollars)

 So, go to the Ink in Thirds site and check it out. It's a beautiful magazine

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

READINGS: Come to or come with, to these fine cities and towns.

April 14, 2018 New Haven, CT

Yale University Bookstore, 2 PM

77 Broadway
New Haven, CT

April 21, 2018 Newton, Ma

Release Party for "Every Day There is Something about Elephants"

New England Mobile Book Fair, 2-4 PM

241 Needham Street
Newton, Ma

May 4, 2018 New York, NY

KGB Bar, 7 PM

Reading from the new "Every Day There is Something About Elephants"

85 East 4th Street
New York, NY

Paul Beckman's Fbomb Flash Fiction Series

May 9, 2018 Los Angeles, Ca

The Last Bookstore, 7:30 PM

453 S Spring St, 
but the entrance is on 5th St
Los Angeles, Ca

Reading with Amy Dresner and Erica Garza 

October 14, 2018 Plymouth, MA

Mike Amato Memorial Series, 1:30 PM

Plymouth Library
132 South Street
Plymouth, Ma

All fiction reading with Daniel Watt and Virginia Young 

March 11, 2018 Podcast

Sanesplaining Podcast, LISTEN HERE

Podcast with writers speaking about Mental Illness hosted by 
Daniel and Margaret Crocker
Recorded 3/9

March 17, 2018 Leicester, Ma

Library Fundraiser, 11 AM

Leicester Public Library
1 Paxton Street.
Leicester, Ma

Reading with Keith Tornheim, Renuka Ragauhan, Tom Lyons, and Richard Fox 
hosted by Christopher Reilley 

March 23, 2018 Boston, Ma

Poetry Salon of Boston, 7:00 PM

Private Home near Symphony Hall
e-mail me for address

The Poetry Salon of Boston continuing the spirit of The Goba Salon hosted by Ron and Sue Goba which was first known as Friends of Poetry (FOP) Friday, founded by Prabakar Thyagarajan and Ron Goba 

March 2018 Podcast

Little Miss Addict, Available to listen TBA

Podcast discussing writing and addiction
Hosted by Frankie Norstad 
Recorded 3/7/19

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Cover Galley: "Every Day There is Something About Elephants" arrived today!

(To read the back you can see link below, or click this pic)

My book of 108 flash fictions has a galley for its cover. Artwork by Christopher Reilley, and publisher Big Table  Publishing

To read the back blurbs, chick HERE

Note: This is the low resolution image. It really is much sharper.

For list of stories and credits, I wrote about it HERE

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Blurbs and endorsements for soon to be released, "Every Day There Is Something About Elephants"

"These stories by Timothy Gager are skewed, off-center, off-balance and an absolute delight to read. They begin strange, then fill like a balloon of strangeness about to pop, except they don't. They bob and quiver on your palm like so much lime jello. Oddly moving and always thought provoking, Every Day There is Something about Elephants is Lydia Davis meets Etgar Keret in a saloon and they're passing a napkin back and forth, riffing, pens blazing. That."

Kathy Fish, author of Together We Can Bury It

"Like one of his characters, a cop named Jack, Gager is "the maestro of an out of time orchestra," and his stories arrest us with their reassuring unpredictability, their devoted irreverence, and their tragicomic grasp of the absurd. Birth, family, romance, work, grief, hilarity, fear, joy, and mortality all tumble together until their colors run. These brief stories will have you thinking — even if you're unsure of what — and leave you dazzled, recharged, and ready for damn near anything. "
                                                                        Richard Hoffman

Every Day There is Something About Elephants bristles with the energy of a keen and curious mind. Timothy Gager is a virtuoso of the compressed narrative. Each of these fictions sticks like a 10. 

Christopher Allen, author of Other Household Toxins

Thank-you to such kind and generous people. Find out about them!

Kathy Fish, who is becoming one of the leaders of Flash Fiction
Richard Hoffman, whose talent and ability to write in many different disciplines is amazing.
Christopher Allen, who is a killer editor, worked with me many times, and has a wonderful new book out. 

Oh, here's Lydia Davis

meeting Etgar Keret

What about an out of time orchestra?

When I think of sticking a perfect 10, I think of this

Friday, February 9, 2018

Published in The Long-Islander News, for the second time since 1838, thanks to George Wallace

I grew up on Long Island, very close to Huntington. A newspaper published there (since 1838), The Long-Islander News, is a really strong local paper, and if you're a follower of journalism, the local papers are in the best position for making money. Can you say niche?

     George Wallace is someone I consider a friend, and a generous man. He's the former Suffolk County Poet Laureate, and runs a whole slew of readings, which I've been honored to have been invited too. George has also featured at my Dire Literary Series, reads in Lowell for the Kerouac Festival and was selected to be in my panel for MassPoetry, representing beat poetry. (the panel was rejected...the usual suspects are picked, few are chosen.)

    So today in the mail, I received a copy of The Long-Islander with my poem, Concerto included in Walt's Corner. (not Disney or Frazier obviously, but Walt, who happens to be #3 on the famous Walt list) .

 I would tell you to run out and get your copy but the issue came out on January 25, 2018, so you couldn't even if you wanted to.

Note: The issue says January 25, 2017, but they forget to change their calendar annually (Spring ahead, January back?) . I'd hate to think my old friend, Long Island, is behind the times. 

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Converting the story, "Joe the Salamander", into a novel one day at a time

I learned this from some other program. I plan on keeping this as a running total throughout the process, so I won't get lazy and I will stay motivated.
House of Adrian and Millie, Sunnyslop, AZ

Is that Joe? 

Joe's father, Accountant at Legend City

January 26       500      500 of goal 500 (0)
January 27       551      1051 of goal 1000 (+51)
January 27       656      1706 of goal 1000 (+706)
January 28       520      2226 of goal 1500 (+726)                  
January 29       513      2739 of goal 2000 (+739)
January 30       661      3400 of goal 2500 (+900) 
January 31       587      3997 of goal 3000 (+997)
January goal met. 
February 1      528      533 of goal 500 (+33) total count 4530
February 2       567      1095 of goal 1000 (+95) total count 5097
February 3       650      1745 of goal 1500 (+245) total count 5747
February 4         601      2346 of goal 2000 (+346) total count 6348
February 5       671      3017 of goal 2500 (+517) total count 7019
February 6       646      3663 of goal 3000 (+663) total count 7665
February 7       746      4409 of goal 3500  (+909) total count 8411
February 8       780      5189 of goal 4000 (+1189)  total count 9191
February 9       536      5725 of goal 4500 (+1225) total count 9727
2/10                 627      6352 of goal 5000 (+1352) total count 10354
2/11                 895      7247 of goal 5500 (+1747) total count 11249
2/12                 560      7808  of goal 6000 (+1807) total count 11809
to Superman

Big move for Joe--He moves from Diaper Man

2/13                 759      8566 of goal 6500 (+2066) total count 12,568
2/14                 292      8858 of goal 7000 (+1858) total count 12,860
2/15                 623      9479 of goal 7500 (+1979) total count 13,483
2/16                 515      9994 of goal 8000 (+1994) total count 13,998
2/17                 641    10,635 of goal 8500 (+2135) total count 14,635
2/18                 856    11,491 of goal 9000 (+2491) total count 15,495  

Home visit from the reluctantly fashionable Laura, Joe's nurse

At new job, Joe's dad is called Rambis,
because they look alike, except for a foot
shorter and 50 pounds lighter. At home, Joe thinks,
"Clark Kent."  

2/19        784   12,293 of goal 9500 (+2793)  total count 16,279
2/20        822   13,115 of goal 10,000 (+3115) total count 17,101
2/21        573   13,687 of goal 10,500 (+3187) total count 17,673
2/22        626   14,313 of goal 11,000 (+3313) total count 18,299 February goal met
2/23       551     14,854 of goal 11,500 (+3354) total count 18,850 
2/24       824     15,678 of goal 12,000 (+3678) total count 19,673
2/25       681     16,359 of goal 12,500 (+3859) total count 20,354
2/26       509     16,867 of goal 13,000 (+3867) total count 20,862
2/27       646     17,513 of goal 13,500 (+4013) total count 21,508
2/28       512     18,025 of goal 14,000 (+4025) total count 22,020 
3/1         705         705 of goal 500 (+205) total count 22,725 
Dr. Ogden, I presume 

3/2         706        1411 of goal 1000 (+411) total count 23,416
3/3         602        2013 of goal 1500 (+513) total count 24,013
3/4         770        2783 of goal 2000 +783) total count 24,783
3/5         496        3279 of goal 2500 +779) total count 25,279
Laura's wedding
3/6         672        3951 of goal 3000 (+951) total count 25,941


 3/6                  672        3951 of goal 3000 (+951) total count 25,941
3/7                   836        4787 of goal 3500 (+1287) total count 26,777
3/8                   539        5326 of goal 4000 (+1326) total count 27,316
3/9                   610        5936 of goal 4500 (+1436) total count 27,926
3/10                 689        6625 of goal 5000 (+1625) total count 28,615
3/11                 580        7205 of goal 5500 (+1705) total count 29,195 
3/12                 762        7967 of goal 6000 (+1967) total count 29,967
3/13                596        8563 of goal 6500 (+2063) total count 30,563
3/14                455        9018 of goal 7000 (+2018) total count 31,018
3/15                603        9621 of goal 7500 (+2121) total count 31,621
3/16                614      10,235 of goal 8000 (+2235) total count 32,235
3/17                794      11,027 of goal 8500 (+2527) total count 33,029 

Congratulations, Joe

3/18                560      11,587 of goal 9000 (+2587) total count 33,589 
3/19                567      12,154 of goal 9500 (+2654) total count 34, 156
3/20                602      12,756 of goal 10,000 (+2756) total count 34,758

3/21                569      13,325 of goal 10,500 (+2825) total count 35,327
3/22                608      13,933 of goal 11,000 (+2933) total count 35,935

3/23                857      14,790 of goal 11,500 (+3290) total count  36,792 
3/24                471      15,261 of goal 12,000 (+3261) total count 37,263

Middle School hallways are dangerous places for people like Joe

 3/25                841      16,102 of goal 12,500 (+3602) total count 38,108 March goal met 
3/26                 432      16,534 of goal 13,000 (+3534) total count 38,540 
3/27                  677      17,217 of goal 13,500 (+3711) total count 39,217
3/28                  544      17,755 of goal 14,000 (+3755) total count 39,671
3/29                  612      18,367 of goal 14,500 (+3867) total count 40,283
3/30                  523      18,890 of goal 15,000 (+3890) total count 40,806
3/31                  868      19,758 of goal 15,500 (+4258) total count 41,674

4/1                  738          738 of goal 500 (+238) total count 42,413  
Panic at Albertsons
4/2                  612        1351 of goal 1000 (+351) total count 43,025
4/3                  521        1872 of goal 1500 (372) total count 43,546
4/4                  806        2678 of goal 2000 (+678) total count 44,352
4/5                  604       3282 of goal 2500 (+782) total count 44,956
4/6                  475       3757 of goal 3000 (+757) total count 45,431
4/7                  698       4455 of goal 3500 (+956) total count 46,139
4/8                  646       5101 of goal 4000 (+1101) total count 46,785
4/9                  556      5657 of goal 4500 (+1157) total count 47,342

4/10                679       6336 of goal 5000 (+1336) total count 48,021
Disturbing image from San Francisco Earthquake viewed via AOL

4/11                595      6931 of goal 5500 (+1431) total count 48.616
4/12                508      7439 of goal 6000 (+1439) total count 49,124
4/13                999      8438 of goal 6500 (+1938) total count 50,123
4/14                665      9103 of goal 7000 (+2103)total count 50,788
4/15                603      9706 of goal 7500 (+2206) total count 51,391 
4/16                630    10,336 of goal 8000 (+2336) total count 52,021
4/17                766    11,132 of goal 8500 (+2632) total count 52,787
4/18                632    11,764 of goal 9000 (+2764) total count 53,419
4/19                523    12,287 of goal 9500 (+2787) total count 53,942
4/20                539    12,826 of goal 10,000 (+2826) total count 54,482