Sunday, February 11, 2018

Blurbs and endorsements for soon to be released, "Every Day There Is Something About Elephants"

"These stories by Timothy Gager are skewed, off-center, off-balance and an absolute delight to read. They begin strange, then fill like a balloon of strangeness about to pop, except they don't. They bob and quiver on your palm like so much lime jello. Oddly moving and always thought provoking, Every Day There is Something about Elephants is Lydia Davis meets Etgar Keret in a saloon and they're passing a napkin back and forth, riffing, pens blazing. That."

Kathy Fish, author of Together We Can Bury It

"Like one of his characters, a cop named Jack, Gager is "the maestro of an out of time orchestra," and his stories arrest us with their reassuring unpredictability, their devoted irreverence, and their tragicomic grasp of the absurd. Birth, family, romance, work, grief, hilarity, fear, joy, and mortality all tumble together until their colors run. These brief stories will have you thinking — even if you're unsure of what — and leave you dazzled, recharged, and ready for damn near anything. "
                                                                        Richard Hoffman

Every Day There is Something About Elephants bristles with the energy of a keen and curious mind. Timothy Gager is a virtuoso of the compressed narrative. Each of these fictions sticks like a 10. 

Christopher Allen, author of Other Household Toxins

Thank-you to such kind and generous people. Find out about them!

Kathy Fish, who is becoming one of the leaders of Flash Fiction
Richard Hoffman, whose talent and ability to write in many different disciplines is amazing.
Christopher Allen, who is a killer editor, worked with me many times, and has a wonderful new book out. 

Oh, here's Lydia Davis

meeting Etgar Keret

What about an out of time orchestra?

When I think of sticking a perfect 10, I think of this

Friday, February 9, 2018

Published in The Long-Islander News, for the second time since 1838, thanks to George Wallace

I grew up on Long Island, very close to Huntington. A newspaper published there (since 1838), The Long-Islander News, is a really strong local paper, and if you're a follower of journalism, the local papers are in the best position for making money. Can you say niche?

     George Wallace is someone I consider a friend, and a generous man. He's the former Suffolk County Poet Laureate, and runs a whole slew of readings, which I've been honored to have been invited too. George has also featured at my Dire Literary Series, reads in Lowell for the Kerouac Festival and was selected to be in my panel for MassPoetry, representing beat poetry. (the panel was rejected...the usual suspects are picked, few are chosen.)

    So today in the mail, I received a copy of The Long-Islander with my poem, Concerto included in Walt's Corner. (not Disney or Frazier obviously, but Walt, who happens to be #3 on the famous Walt list) .

 I would tell you to run out and get your copy but the issue came out on January 25, 2018, so you couldn't even if you wanted to.

Note: The issue says January 25, 2017, but they forget to change their calendar annually (Spring ahead, January back?) . I'd hate to think my old friend, Long Island, is behind the times. 

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Writing an unnamed Novel One Day at a Time

I learned this from some other program. I plan on keeping this as a running total throughout the process, so I won't get lazy and I will stay motivated.
House of Adrian and Millie, Sunnyslop, AZ

Is that Joe? 

January 26       500      500 of goal 500 (0)
January 27       551      1051 of goal 1000 (+51)
January 27       656      1706 of goal 1000 (+706)
January 28       520      2226 of goal 1500 (+726)                  
January 29       513      2739 of goal 2000 (+739)
January 30       661      3400 of goal 2500 (+900) 
January 31       587      3997 of goal 3000 (+997)
January goal met.
February 1      528      533 of goal 500 (+33) total count 4530
February 2       567      1095 of goal 1000 (+95) total count 5097
February 3       650      1745 of goal 1500 (+245) total count 5747
February 4         601      2346 of goal 2000 (+346) total count 6348
February 5       671      3017 of goal 2500 (+517) total count 7019
February 6       646      3663 of goal 3000 (+663) total count 7665
February 7       746      4409 of goal 3500  (+909) total count 8411
February 8       780      5189 of goal 4000 (+1189)  total count 9191
February 9       536      5725 of goal 4500 (+1225) total count 9727
2/10                 627      6352 of goal 5000 (+1352) total count 10354
2/11                 895      7247 of goal 5500 (+1747) total count 11249
2/12                 560      7808  of goal 6000 (+1807) total count 11809
to Superman

Big move for Joe--He moves from Diaper Man

2/13                 759      8566 of goal 6500 (+2066) total count 12,568
2/14                 292      8858 of goal 7000 (+1858) total count 12,860
2/15                 623      9479 of goal 7500 (+1979) total count 13,483
2/16                 515      9994 of goal 8000 (+1994) total count 13,998
2/17                 641    10,635 of goal 8500 (+2135) total count 14,635
2/18                 856    11,491 of goal 9000 (+2491) total count 15,495

2/19                 784   12,293 of goal 9500 (+2793)  total count 16,279
2/20                 822   13,115 of goal 10,000 (+3115) total count 17,101

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Flash: "What Kids are Scared Of" appears in Crack The Spine, as big fat Elvis leaves the building

Crack the Spine is an absolutely gorgeous magazine, so please visit their site. Art, pictures combined with poetry and fiction. Here's the cover of issue #229, which includes a piece of flash-fiction, What Kids Are Scared Of .

Here's the photo they used to accompany the story:

The photo goes along well with the content, which you can read using the link above.


This may be an opinion, but more often it's a fact:  Clowns are scary for most everyone.
Yes, but what happens when a clown hired for a children's party cancels their gig. Then he's replaced by an Elvis impersonator with all kinds of problems. Also of fear, the Elvis who helped renew the vows of the Turpin's who shackled and tortured their kids for 13 years.

By the way, the Patriots are scary good, unless you are scared of Tom Brady's hurt hand, and their logo has been called "Flying Elvis".

The Elvis in my story flies too--but in an entirely different way. So that's about all I can say regarding my flash piece published today in Crack the Spine So read all about it

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Coming soon, "Every Day There is Something About Elephants"-Table of Contents, where they originally appeared and the editors

 Read the lists--did I miss anyone? Also, it's a hell of a list of Journals below, some no longer with us---but some amazing names.

Every Day There is Something About Elephants
From Big Table Books--
Flash Fiction Anthology of work published 2010 - 2018

Table of Contents

1.            Every Day There is so Much About Elephants
2.            Jack
3.            Girl With a Gun
4.            What You Dream About
5.            Continuum
6.            Mental Notes about Catechism
7.            All About Zebras in The Wild
8.            How Penguins Break
9.            Hello Iceman
10.        Tours of Duty
11.        What Are The Reasons They Hang On?
12.        This Tornado Loves You
13.        Loveville
14.        How Do You Love a Capitalist?
15.        Wedding Plans
16.        Their Own Planet
17.        Chiller
18.        Coffee Maker
19.        If We Don’t Think, We Will Sleep
20.        Who’s the Boss?
21.        The Transference of Todd and Lucy
22.        A Circus Story
23.        Aspirations
24.        Some Things You Might Not Have Realized
25.        Action Figures
26.        Becoming a Couple
27.        The Lottery Winner
28.        Absolute Goodbyes
29.        Where (in the) House
30.        Rehabilitation Will Set You Free
31.        Systematic Knowledge
32.        Clarence’s First co-author: Teisha Dawn Twomey
33.        Things About Callie
34.        Where Do You Bury The Survivors?
35.        Being Aesthetically Pleasing co-author: Teisha Dawn Twomey
36.        Simplicity is Beautiful
37.        Sometimes There are Things That Come out of the Darkness
38.        Home Invasion
39.        Fireworks
40.        Multiplicity
41.        Shooting Them Out
42.        Last Call
43.        Channeling
44.        After Receiving a Picture of Dick Butkus via Text Message Co-author: Teisha Dawn Twomey
45.        What Kids are Scared Of
46.        Unhealthy Relationship
47.        The Road Starts 896, Newark, Delaware
48.        A Little Slice Of
49.        What is in the Clouds
50.        Some Sort of Anonymous Meeting co-author: Elizabeth Rawlins
51.        Bonfire
52.        Divided
53.        Not the Stuff of Fairy Tales
54.        The Things We Have
55.        You Buy Too Much Kale
56.        They Covered the Rust Spots with Bumper Stickers
57.        The Soul Must Go On
58.        Leftovers at the Lay’s Factory
59.        Entertaining Just an Option
60.        The Old Place
61.        Closure
62.        Where Did You Come From?
63.        We Measure All This Distance in Longing 
64.        Pole
65.        The Beauty on the Inside
66.        A Dedicated Customer
67.        How It Worked For Them
68.        About a Million Punches
69.          You Deserve Someone
70.          You Have To Splice It Together
71.        Best Fiends
72.        Dear Ashley Ellen Goetz
73.        How It Went Down
74.        Act Naturally
75.        Arms Up to the Sky
76.        No Sex Since Last Spring
77.        Full Moon
78.        Eight Years Later, Charlie Goes to Omaha
79.        I Look At You Through Glass and Water
80.        About Shooting
81.        Bigger Than Charles Atlas co-author: Elizabeth Rawlins
82.        How to Give Dating Advice as a State Social Worker
83.        Sissy Spacek
84.        Tenth Frame Spare
85.        Somewhere On The Edge
86.        Grubs
87.        Twin Gets Just Desserts
88.        You, Heaven
89.        Zig Zag
90.        They Did Not Want to Know
91.        Wine and Cheese with Alexi and Natasha
92.        Pretty Flamingo
93.        Time Away
94.          No. Station
95.        The Prominent Father
96.        The Note 
97.        Interoffice Relations
98.        How She Traded Up on Damnation
99.        How He Was Left
100.    Iron Mike Behind Bars
101.    After the Afterlife
102.    A Modern Form of Disorderly Conduct 
103.    Touching All the Bases
104.    When She Missed the Ice
105.    They
106.    My Pet City
107.    Beautiful Wishes of Joy
108.    Death Pool

Some of these works or versions of these works have appeared in:

63 Channels 
Akashic Books 
Bartleby and Snopes 
Connotation Press
Crack the Spine 
Curbside Splendor 
Flash Frontier 
Fried Chicken and Coffee 
Hippo Pants 
In Between Altered States
Ink in Thirds  
Men in the Company of Women Anthology 
Microw 6 
Night Train 
Oddball Magazine 
Paragraph Line
Prick of the Spindle 
Pure Slush 
RE: Telling Anthology 
Red Fez 
Right Hand Pointing 
Six Sentences 
Smokelong Quarterly
Suss: Another Literary Journal 
Tell Tale Inklings 
The Midway Journal
The 1 AM Project 
The Big Toe Review 
The Blue Lake Review 
The Breakwater Review 
The Cape Fear Review 
The Criterion 
The Legendary
The Santa Fe Literary Review 
The Waterhouse Review 
trnsfr magazine V 
Tuesday Shorts! 
Uno Kudo
Unshod Quills 

Some of the Journals' Editors

Aaron Dietz
Alban Fischer
Aleathia Drehmer
Alicia Winski
Amanda Deo
Andrea Gregory
Apryl Skies
Barry Graham
Beth Thomas
Chad Parenteau, 
Christopher Allen
Cynthia Reeser
Dale Wisely, 
Dan Tricarico
Dena Rash Guzman
Dr. Vishwanath Bite
Edward Mullany
Frank Hinton
Gavin Broom
Glen Feulner
Grace Black, 
Jason Wright, 
Jeff Callico
Jen Michalski , 
Jessa Marsh
Jim Parks,
John Sharp, 
Jon Konrath, 
Joshua Michael Stewart
Katie Moore
Kerri Farrell Foley, 
Leah Angstrom, 
Leopold McGinnis
Matt Potter, 
Meg Tuite 
Melissa Studdard
Michael Solender
Michelle Elvy
Mignon Ariel King
Mitchell Waldman
Nathaniel Tower , 
Nicolle Elizabeth
Ralph Pennel, 
Robert McEvily
Robert Vaughn
Rusty Barnes, 
Scott Garson
Shalla DeGuzman
Shya Scanlon
Stefan Kiesbuy
Steven Seighman
Susannah Lawrence
Tara Laskowski , 
Wendy Ellis
and William Walsh.